Paris Apartments for Sale

There are thousands of apartments for sale in Paris, and finding just the right apartment for you can be a long and exhausting process. It's not just the confusion over which neighborhood, and even which street within the neighborhood, it's the fact that many apartments are what we call "almost... but not quite." But why settle for something less than perfect with your new home in Paris?

The apartments on the following pages all meet our demanding search and design criteria below. Please browse our apartments for sale.

What Makes The Best Paris Apartments for Sale

We have been in the business of searching for, buying and remodeling Paris apartments for decades. We are unwavering in our standards to find and purchase only the best. That means the best neighborhoods, best apartments, best features and best views.

  • Don't buy an "almost... but not quite" Paris apartment. These are apartments that may have beautiful features, but are located on noisier lower floors or on the inner courtyard, where your only view is of your neighbor's bedrooms and bathrooms.  Why come to the most beautiful city in the world and miss the views of Parisian life from your living room window?
  • We want our apartments to have great features and gorgeous views over Paris rooftops, where you can spend you "slow time" reading a good book and watching Paris street life below. Where you can enjoy thinking about each meal and can step outside to find excellent merchants and open air markets nearby. Enjoy views of Paris while savoring the best meats, cheeses, wines, breads, fruits and vegetables in Paris. You'll even be near gyms so you can work off your calories for the next meal!
  • The apartments must be located in the best and safest Paris neighborhoods so you can enjoy the Parisian experience of enjoying a café au lait at the local café and watching the world go by. For those quiet mornings, buy delicious buttery croissants a few doors away and enjoy coffee and comfort at home.
  • They must be near to the romantic Seine river, where you can bicycle, run or walk along the quais at sunset.
  • Walking distance to landmarks and monuments, so you can take full advantage of the incomparable and varied cultural scene that Paris offers.
  • Easy access to other favorite neighborhoods. There are many wonderful arrondissements in Paris, and the best neighborhoods are the ones that not only offer their own taste of Parisian village life, but are also easily accessible by foot to other arrondissements. The 7th is a favorite because it borders more arrondissements than any other: the 6th, the 8th, the 1st the 16th and the 15th.  There are landmarks, museums, great new restaurants and shops, all of which can be explored on foot or are only a short metro or bus ride away.
  • Near the famous rue Cler market street and near to the best open air markets in Paris, where Parisians do their food shopping every week. Even better if you're near the American Library in Paris, an institution since the 1900's among the expat community. Pop in to read the paper, listen to lectures and to meet other expats like yourselves.
  • The apartments themselves must have the "wow factor" - that combination of charming old features and stunning Paris views. It can take years to find one, six months or more to remodel it to our high standard, but the results are truly spectacular!