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We and the team at Paris Perfect Apartments would be happy to help you find the ideal apartment! Please fill out the form below and we'll get right back to you. Here is some general information about costs and remodeling to help you refine your budget and requirements.

Prices: In terms of prices in sought-after arrondissements such as the 6th or 7th on the Left Bank, expect to spend € 16,000/m2 to € 18,000/m2 for something excellent – an apartment in an historic building with elevator, charm, views and more. This is approximately $1,600/square foot.

  • A beautiful one bedroom measuring approximately 475 square feet would cost in the region of €765,000 + 7% taxes and fees.
  • If you're looking in less sought-after arrondissements, price is approximately €600,000 for an exceptional one bedroom.
  • Apartment sizes: Apartments are normally smaller than found in the US, Canada or Australia. Here is an example of the range of sizes. With clever design you can achieve 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom in 60m2.
    • A 2 bedroom apartment ranges in size from 60m2 to 100m2.
    • A 3 bedroom apartment ranges in size from 85m2 (small for 3 bedrooms) to 150 m2

Remodeling: Most apartments need work, whether painting or a complete renovation. At a minimum, most apartments are sold without light fixtures or kitchen appliances.

For any kind of works, expect to spend between € 2.5 to € 4.5k/square meter to remodel and furnish an apartment.

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