Buying Tips

I. Top Tips When Looking for an Apartment for Sale in Paris

Finding Your Dream Apartment to Buy in Paris

II. Buying An Apartment in Paris: All About Agents, Search Agents, Notaires and Avocats

When starting your search for apartments for sale in Paris, you will meet the following important professionals:

III. Purchasing an Apartment for Sale in Paris: The Sale Process

A quick summary: the first stage of a purchase is making your offer and having it accepted. You then sign a preliminary purchase contract and pay a deposit of 5% to 10% of the purchase price. Documents are checked verified, you apply for a bank loan and the final closing usually occurs three months later.

IV. Apartments for Sale in Paris: Finding the Right Neighborhood in Paris for You

Buy in the best neighborhood you can afford because the cost of remodeling is the same no matter what price you've paid per square meter for the apartment. Spend hours, days and weeks searching for your ideal neighborhood.